About us

Critical Practice is an interdisciplinary architectural platform founded by Love Di Marco, Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard and Arya Arabshahi in 2018, dedicated to finding common ground among visionary architectural practitioners and the forces that shape the profession today. The collective operates out of London, Brussels and Copenhagen, where the three founders reside after having initiated their collaborations at the Architectural Association in 2015.

Architects have seen the status and autonomy of the profession diminish from the 20th century to the 21st. While architects used to hold key positions at the table of urban policy-making and design, their voices seem to be less significant, even lost, in the chain of decision making today. Facing a shrinking public sector across the biggest European economies, decreasing budgets from clients and trivial administrative tasks consuming more and more of our time, we are employed under increasingly precarious contracts often subject to little job-protection and economic security. How can we as architects explore new modes of practicing by transforming our relationships with clients, expanding our vocabulary of collaborations and challenging our assumptions around risk-taking? How can we at the same time raise awareness around social and environmental urgencies and become more critical actors within the built environment as champions of a public greater good?

Critical Practice is a call to reimagine the relationships between the profession and the network of actors and conditions that surround it. Together with architects, planners and economists who are piloting new models for engaging with the public realm, we would like to have an open conversation about common questions and exemplar initiatives. In discovering ways to have a more nuanced impact on the built environment, we unfold three themes that we think have the potential to redefine the future role of the architect: rethinking clients, forms of alliance and affording risk.

We bring together leading European architectural practitioners that through their projects and attitudes challenge the conventions of contemporary practice, to examine and rethink relationships between the profession and the network of actors and conditions surrounding it.